30 Years of Dedication to Education
Blossoms Sports Day 2014-15
Now we have a fully functioning senior wing(Bharatpur Branch).
Welcome to Blossoms School
Blossoms School was established on 8th December 1984. Blossoms endeavours to help each and every student fully develop his or her personality in an atmosphere of love, unity, friendship, cooperation and joy. Blossoms School follows the Montessori system which enables a child to acquire a fund of general knowledge as well as familiarises him or her with basic arithmetical operations. Apart from this, it also inculcates skills for carrying out simple domestic activities and helps children to adopt habits of cleanliness, order and proper social behavior.

Blossoms School at a Glance.
Latest News
International Peace DayBlossoms School, Bhubaneswar observed International Peace Day on 24th Sept at the School Premises N-2/27, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar. This is a regular feature of Blossoms School every year as it is believed that " The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens". Read More...