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Peace Education

Peace education is one of the unique and outstanding aspects of education at Blossoms School. The students right from preprimary till secondary have special periods everyday for peace education.

The Hidden Gems series of books prescribed for preprimary introduces concepts of peace to the toddlers of preprimary classes. Short stories, dramatics, songs, prayers and quotations are the items introduced in peace education classes.

The Moral Education books in primary classes are graded and age related. These books help the students to realize the concept of peace within themselves through observing moral ideas and putting in action in their daily life. Cooperative games make the classes more interesting.

The series of Junior youth books are introduced from class 6 and above. These books assist the children to not only inculcate peace in their own life, but also in the life of the society.

Blossoms Peace Education Program

the adolescent education

Junior Youth Empowerment

One of the unique features at Blossoms School, Bharatpur, Bhubaneswar, is the Junior Youth Empowerment Program which is meant for the adolescent education (Classes VI to X).

This is a formal education based on developing moral capabilities needed in pre youth group. In this program which is a combination of study of the text, discussions, Practical implementation and service projects, the youngsters learn to develop their inner self based on the moral values latent in them.

The text books are already designed by a group of experts in adolescent education from Colombia and are based on case studies of the junior youth who have lived their lives in an extra ordinary manner. There are also series of inspirational stories which prompts and motivates the pre youth to develop and nurture their capacities to serve humanity. Service projects are being implemented by the students in order to learn life skills as well as develop the urge to help humanity. These sessions of Junior Youth empowerment program enhances the power of expression among the pre youth and gives them the ability to express their views in a fear free and confident manner. This program also enhances the capacity to make right moral decisions which would lead to a sound and healthy character building.

Blossoms School has been implementing this program for many years and has observed a substantial behavioural change in the youngsters which is sustained with them irrespective of the evil forces from the outer society.

We feel that if this unique program is Implemented in other schools at the same time, the social issues threatening the degradation of moral values in the society would be checked and a total transformation would come to reality.

Beyond Education

After School Programs

Every child is endowed with certain hidden talents which only education and training can reveal. The Kids’ Talent Club is an additional after school programme offered by Blossoms to provide children the opportunity to develop their talents.Itisopen to the wider community beyond Blossoms students. Each class is taught in a fun filled environment by professionals in their field skilled at bringing out the talents in young kids.

The Kids’ Talent Club meets every evening after the School hours. The following classes are currently on offer:

Classical & Modern Dance Classes

The Odissi dance classes are source of inspiration for the children to appreciate the culture and heritage of Odisha. Modern Dance enables the talented children to move and shake as per the current themes based on social issues, ethics and other prevailingmodes.

Music & Singing

  1. Vocal Classes: Enables the children to get a well-trained and melodious tone.
  2. Instrumental: Children learn how to play the musical instruments such as harmonium, key-board, tabla, etc.

Drawing & Painting

With the able guidance and instruction of an artist, the Kids' Talent Club produces future artists who hold their talents in their fingers and brush up their creativity.

Communication Skills & Language Development

It is very important that the children communicate clearly and fluently. The communication skill classes will enable the children to have a command over English and be able to communicate and converse as and when demanded.

for children with special needs

Special Education Program

At Blossoms we look forward to include children with mild to moderate learning disabilities with or without associated/other difficulties. We are committed to providing a curriculum that is meaningful and purposeful and which will lead to their integration into the mainstream workforce.

Access to a special education classroom, is valuable to the student with special needs. Students have the ability to work one-on-one with special educators, addressing any need for remediation during the school days.

A special needs wing of Blossoms School, namely Armaan is being established to cater to the needs of this aspect of education. At Armaan we believe that there are many children who will benefit from early intervention, play therapy, family therapy and counseling and ongoing developmental assessments and evaluations.

The Early Interventions at Armaan is a clinic-based service, which requires parents/the mother to be present at every sitting. The teaching is usually one on one and the parent is expected to collaborate with the educator on a regular basis. A Special Educator works one-on-one with the child one or more times a week as determined by the parents. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to observe the sessions which are followed by discussion with the attending parent. The discussion covers the session, the child's progress and other queries so that the work can be continued at home. This programme is attended by:

  1. Children in mainstream schools needing support.
  2. Children preparing for mainstream schooling.
  3. Children in special needs setup requiring additional support.
  4. Children who are being home schooled.
  5. Children who are not receiving any other special education inputs.

By: Carmel Moghbelpour Special Educator, Therapist, Consultant(Autism Spectrum Disorders)
DSE-ASD (Action for Autism, New Delhi, India)

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